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Below you will find all the information you will need to know about the coming migration to LinkLive.

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Migration Notice

LinkLive is now the preferred digital customer service provider for NCR Voyix. In January 2024, NCR Voyix will be sunsetting the legacy digital chat feature and is already working to migrate these services to LinkLive. Each financial institution currently using digital messaging will be presented with the option to migrate to LinkLive Digital Messaging or to upgrade to 1 of the 3 LinkLive packages of services. There will be no additional cost or change in terms for all clients who consent to migrate to LinkLive Digital Messaging.

Key Dates for LinkLive Migration

  • January 31: A “Migration Notice” was sent to each NCR client with legacy chat services.
  • By March 14: Each financial institution must sign the NCR Voyix amendment to opt in or notify their NCR Voyix DSM, that they would like to opt out of the LinkLive migration. Legacy chat services will no longer be supported.
  • Starting in March, NCR Voyix will begin migrating all consenting clients to LinkLive Digital Messaging. This will continue throughout 2024 and into 2025. A dedicated team from NCR Voyix will lead all the operational migration activity to LinkLive Digital Messaging. LinkLive Customer Success will support the NCR Voyix operations team.

Demonstration Video

Please watch this brief demonstration video to learn about the features available through LinkLive and how the platform appears within the NCR Voyix Digital Insight application.

View the Migration Introduction Webinar

On February 8th, NCR Voyix and LinkLive hosted an introduction and Q&A session to inform NCR Voyix clients about this exciting opportunity and to answer any outstanding questions.

Please view the recording of this webinar to learn more about this exciting migration. 



Be There For Your Customers

Critical ingredients extending digital engagement


Move beyond legacy messaging

LinkLive is the preferred NCR Voyix partner for digital-first engagement. The LinkLive Digital Messaging package is available to replace the legacy chat feature. Click here to learn more about additional upgrade options with LinkLive.


Futureproof your digital engagement strategy

LinkLive is a singular platform that offers digital-first messaging features and full-stack, AI-powered Call Center capabilities. Review the packages below to learn more about the upgrade options available to all NCR Voyix customers

Click here to view a brief video about the partnership between Kasisto and LinkLive.

LinkLive Packages

Accelerate your digital-first engagement 


Digital Messaging

With LinkLive, your institution will have access to critical services, including:
  • Secure Chat
  • Skills-based Routing
  • AI Service Bot
  • Engagement-level Reporting




The essential services for engaging with your customers in a digital-first experience with your sales, service, and support teams.




Premium services for faster & more cost-effective customer engagements across channels, call center employees, and licensed professionals.




The singular communications platform to future-proof communications across all channels, and all employees and licensed professionals.


Explore all that LinkLive has to offer

Please review the following brochures to learn about all of the features that are available to NCR Voyix customers:



Frequently Asked Questions - General

Who is LinkLive, the company?

LinkLive makes and secures intelligent customer connections to help financial institutions drive exceptional customer experience and automate interactions. The company develops electronic messaging application services, including a best-in-class Contact Center as Service (CCaaS), powered by artificial intelligence, using its unique SAFEc architecture to create the first all-in-one cloud-based engagement platform that provides secure, compliant communications for all mediums: chat, voice, texting, video conferencing, co-browse, mail, file share, appointment scheduling, and a digital office in one pane of glass. Our vision for the future is to combine our applications of artificial intelligence and CCaaS to formulate a complete customer engagement platform (CEP). LinkLive products comply with GLBA, SEC, SOC2, HI-TRUST, and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. For more information visit

What is LinkLive, the platform?

LinkLive is a digital customer service and customer engagement platform with a fully agile cloud architecture, which is wrapped in HITRUST r2 certification to protect your customer’s sensitive data. LinkLive offers offer a full range of Contact Center services and fully integrated messaging services with digital-first communication capabilities.

What makes LinkLive different?

LinkLive stands out as a leading organization that has revolutionized communication with its highly secure and modern platform. LinkLive is the only vendor in the Digital Customer Service (DCS) / Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) industry that offers a full suite of digital engagement services; from chat/voice/video/co-browse to appointment scheduling and virtual meetings, no other vendor offers all these features in one platform.

One of our core strengths is our deep expertise in serving highly regulated and complex industries. With a strong focus on financial institutions, we currently support nearly 1,100 clients by seamlessly integrating digital customer services into leading banking solutions.

In summary, LinkLive combines unmatched security, a comprehensive range of solutions, industry expertise, exceptional onboarding and support, and a long-standing commitment to customer success. These factors make us the NCR Voyix preferred choice for financial institutions seeking a truly transformative communication platform.

Is the digital messaging package available to all NCR Voyix clients?

No, this package is only available to NCR Voyix clients using the legacy chat feature, that consent to migrate to the LinkLive Digital Messaging package.

How can I learn more about getting started with LinkLive?

Please feel free to reach out directly to LinkLive with any questions you may have. Our team can be reached via chat from our website, by phone at (952) 392-1834 or via

Frequently Asked Questions - Migration to LinkLive

How does LinkLive functionality compare to the legacy chat solution?

LinkLive is now the preferred digital customer service provider for NCR Voyix clients.

LinkLive allows NCR Voyix clients to engage customers via one touch access to voice, video, desktop share and file share from within the chat experience. LinkLive delivers productivity with AI chatbots and call center productivity tools including Workforce Management and Sentiment Analysis. Through continuous investment in the LinkLive platform, LinkLive provides a much broader array of digital engagement and AI solutions to meet the service expectations of today’s consumers and the productivity needs of modern call centers.

What is the process for migrating to LinkLive?

In March of 2024, NCR Voyix will begin the sunset process of the legacy digital messaging feature, and migrate these services to LinkLive. There will be no additional cost or change in terms for all clients who consent to migrate to LinkLive Digital Messaging. A dedicated NCR Voyix migration team will make the process as seamless as possible. 

The first step is to consent to the migration by March 14, 2024. Your NCR DSM is prepared to provide additional details as required. 

What is the timing of the migration process?

NCR Voyix clients must consent to or opt out of this migration by March 14, 2024. Once clients consent to this migration, NCR Voyix will work closely with all clients to schedule, prepare, and deliver migrations beginning in 2024 and ongoing into 2025. Both LinkLive and NCR Voyix are committed to accommodating client organizations' needs throughout this process.

What are the expectations of my financial institution during migration? 

The NCR Voyix Migrations team will be leading the migrations, with support from the team at LinkLive, to provide a white-glove implementation experience.  Migration tools and training are being created to streamline the process, including a webinar co-hosted by NCR Voyix and LinkLive and provided on demand. Your NCR Voyix DSM will be available throughout the process to answer any questions about the process.

All NCR Voyix customers will have access to training in advance of their migration and will receive user-acceptance testing instructions to prepare for go-live. All configuration and setup will be handled by the NCR Voyix Migration Team with support from LinkLive. 

Is there a change in pricing with LinkLive?

LinkLive offers a Digital Messaging option that is priced the same as the legacy chat feature, meaning there is no additional cost to NCR Voyix clients.  LinkLive also offers additional packages, allowing NCR Voyix clients to upgrade to offer additional functionality.

Will I need to take any action in advance of the migration?

NCR Voyix and LinkLive are working in the background to ensure that this migration will require a limited time commitment from all organizations that consent to migrate.

A dedicated NCR Voyix Migrations team will be leading the migrations with support from the team at LinkLive to provide a white-glove implementation experience. Your NCR Voyix DSM will also be available throughout the process to answer any questions about the process.

What is the sunset date for the legacy chat feature?

NCR Voyix and LinkLive anticipate that all migrations will be completed throughout 2024 and early 2025.

How can I opt-in to the migration?

All NCR Voyix customers currently using the legacy chat feature will be required to consent to the migration. NCR Voyix sent out a migration notice and your NCR Voyix DSM has shared an amendment, both with additional information. Please sign and return this amendment to your DSM by March 14 to be placed into a migration wave. If you cannot locate the migration notice or amendment, please contact your NCR Voyix DSM to be sent a copy.

What training / support will be provided for my staff?

LinkLive will provide self-paced training for all users, in addition to on-demand and live training sessions. In addition, the LinkLive user guide will be available to all users. The Migration Team at NCR Voyix will be handling all migrations and LinkLive staff will support NCR Voyix customers at every step.

What data gets converted / exported from the legacy chat provider?

NCR and LinkLive are working together to migrate data from the legacy chat provider to LinkLive to minimize the amount of data that clients will need to provide. NCR Voyix and LinkLive are partnering to make sure your migration experience is seamless. The team will contact you about data gathering and related details.

If I opt out, can I stay with the legacy chat provider?

Your legacy chat features will no longer work properly within authenticated NCR Voyix digital solutions once all consenting financial institutions have been migrated to LinkLive.

Will NCR Voyix continue to support the legacy chat feature after the migration?

No. Chat services from the legacy provider will no longer be supported within NCR Voyix Digital solutions.

What are the product options available for LinkLive?

LinkLive will replace the legacy chat feature and add additional capabilities including voice, video and desktop-share. Going beyond, LinkLive offers three packages that meet the customer engagement and employee collaboration needs of financial institutions of all sizes. Please review the brochures included in this microsite above.

How do I find out more about LinkLive?

Please visit to learn about how LinkLive can help your institution exceed customer engagement expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions - LinkLive Functionality

Are LinkLive digital customer services available on a mobile device?

Yes. LinkLive is available on all NCR mobile platforms.

Are LinkLive contact center services and enterprise communications available on a mobile device?

Yes. LinkLive Mobile is available to all bank employees and licensed professionals in the iOS app store.

What type of reporting is available?

LinkLive offers robust reporting capabilities that are available as both online access and scheduled report generation and distribution.

What languages are supported on LinkLive?

LinkLive Chat offers AI to empower Agents with up to 75 supported languages within a chat with the ability to translate in a user's preferred language. Original message and related translation is visible for all participants within the conversation. The AI feature also supports real-time translation to native language, dialect, and automatic language detection. All chat history contains the original message and its translation for audit.

What security is in place with LinkLive?
LinkLive products are compliant with GLBA, SEC, SOC2, HI-TRUST, and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. For more information, please visit