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Now, we're offering even more to CSI customers through our fully-embedded partnership, ensuring a seamless and engaging digital experience for customers and employees alike. 


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Trusted by over 1000 Financial Institutions

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Integrated with CSI Digital Banking Platform

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Leverage One Preferred Partner Across All Communications Channels

Customer Spotlight Webinar:

Empowering Tomorrow's Banking Excellence: INB's Journey with LinkLive's Intelligent Communication Platform
Thursday, May 9, 2024  |  2 PM CT  |  45 Minutes

Hear directly from Cayla Keyes, VP Retail Sales Manager at INB, to learn how the implementation of LinkLive proved transformative for INB, aligning with their vision of elevating customer experience. Through seamless integration and personalized support from the LinkLive team, INB witnessed enhanced operational efficiency and improved reporting insights. Key stakeholders, including Cayla, attest to the platform's impact, citing streamlined processes and heightened job satisfaction. INB's success story serves as a beacon for organizations seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of financial services, showcasing the pivotal role of strategic technology choices and robust vendor partnerships in driving innovation and operational excellence.

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CSI Clients will have access to expanded LinkLive communications services

Discover where you start

LinkLive and CSI are offering three packages to enhance digital-first customer service

LinkLive Packages



The essential services for engaging with your customers in a digital-first experience with your sales, service, and support teams.




Premium services for faster & more cost-effective customer engagements across channels, call center employees, and licensed professionals.




The singular communications platform to future-proof communications across all channels, and all employees and licensed professionals.



Embedded LinkLive Services

All CSI clients not currently utilizing LinkLive will have access to services that will be directly embedded within CSI Digital Banking. This includes Digital Banking Customer Service Chat and Desktop Share.

Explore all that LinkLive has to offer

Please review the following brochures to learn about all of the features that are available to CSI customers:



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Take the Next Step to Digital Customer Engagement

LinkLive is your new CSI preferred partner for digital engagement. We are extremely excited to offer a dynamic platform that will help your agents, staff and licensed professionals deliver the best outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LinkLive, the company?

LinkLive makes and secures intelligent customer connections to help organizations drive exceptional customer experience and automate interactions. The company develops electronic messaging application services, including a best-in-class Contact Center as Service (CCaaS), powered by artificial intelligence, using its unique SAFEc architecture to create the first all-in-one cloud-based engagement platform that provides secure, compliant communications for all mediums: chat, voice, texting, video conferencing, co-browse, mail, file share, appointment scheduling, and a digital office in one pane of glass. Our vision for the future is to combine our applications of artificial intelligence and CCaaS to formulate a complete customer engagement platform (CEP). LinkLive products comply with GLBA, SEC, SOC2, HI-TRUST, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA requirements. For more information visit

What is LinkLive?

LinkLive is a customer engagement platform with a fully agile cloud architecture and it’s wrapped in HITRUST r2 certification to protect your customer’s sensitive data. They offer a full range of Contact Center services and fully integrated messaging services with digital-first communication capabilities.

What makes LinkLive different?

LinkLive stands out as a leading organization that has revolutionized communication with its highly secure and modern platform. LinkLive is the only vendor in the DCS / CCaaS space that offers a full suite of digital engagement services; from chat/voice/video/co-browse to appointment scheduling and virtual meetings, no other vendor offers all of these features in one platform. What sets us apart is our comprehensive range of pre-built workflows that cater to multiple use cases, delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients. Unlike other providers, we proudly own all the intellectual property behind our platform, giving us complete control over its development and ensuring the highest level of quality and security.

One of our core strengths is our deep expertise in serving highly regulated and complex industries. With a strong focus on financial institutions, we currently support nearly 1,100 clients by seamlessly integrating digital customer services into leading banking solutions. In the healthcare sector, we are trusted by major hospital systems and facilitate communication strategies for both physical and virtual clinics.

What truly differentiates us is the exceptional onboarding and support process we provide to our clients. We understand the importance of a smooth transition and ongoing assistance, which is why our customers consistently praise our onboarding and support services.

Over the past two decades, we have been at the forefront of innovation, steadily building the most secure product in the market. With billions of successful communication sessions under our belt, our track record speaks for itself.

In summary, LinkLive combines unmatched security, a comprehensive range of solutions, industry expertise, exceptional onboarding and support, and a long-standing commitment to customer success. These factors make us the preferred choice for organizations seeking a truly transformative communication platform.

Why does LinkLive offer packages?

We’ve grouped LinkLive services into four  distinct packages to meet the diverse communication needs of organizations. The CSI Embedded package includes chat and desktop share. These are critical services that a financial institution needs to engage with consumers in a digital-first experience.

The next level is the Essential services, which adds additional engagement services such as SMS, integration of Secure Mail with enterprise messaging applications such as Outlook, and options for next-level reporting.

Next, it’s Premium services for faster & and more cost-effective customer engagements across channels, call center employees, and licensed professionals with additional features such as appointment scheduling, social channels, or integrating the Banks CRM for additional value.

The ultimate is future-proofing all communications with a singular communications platform across all channels, and all employees and licensed professionals with a secure, cloud-based Contact Center and Enterprise Communication platform.

How can I learn more about getting started with LinkLive?

Please reach out to your CSI Relationship Manager to learn more about LinkLive and the capabilities available to your organization. 

Frequently Asked Questions - LinkLive Functionality

Can LinkLive replace legacy call center capabilities?

Yes. LinkLive supports all channels with our digital-first contact center, designed to connect customers and agents. This includes inbound/outbound voice and SMS, along with mail, chat, and full multimedia as well as full call center performance with reporting and AI to optimize the agent and customer experience. 

Are LinkLive digital customer services available on a mobile device?

Yes. LinkLive is available on all CSI mobile platforms.

Are LinkLive contact center services and enterprise communications available on a mobile device?

Yes. LinkLive Mobile is available in all to bank employees and licensed professionals in the iOS app store

What languages are supported on LinkLive? and LinkLive Mobile for Agents and Enterprise Users support the following languages today. More can be available if needed.

We support these languages today:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Hindi

LinkLive Chat offers AI to empower Agents with up to 75 supported languages within a chat with the ability to translate in a user's preferred language​. Original message and related translation is visible for all participants within the conversation​. The AI feature also supports real-time translation to native language, dialect, and automatic language detection​. All chat history contains the original message and its translation for audit.


What security is in place with LinkLive?
LinkLive products are compliant with GLBA, SEC, SOC2, HI-TRUST, and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. For more information visit
What type of reporting is available?

There are different reporting capabilities associated to each of the LinkLive packages. To see a demo, please contact a your CSI Relationship Manager.

What is LinkLive Appointment Scheduling?

LinkLive Appointment Scheduling is a powerful solution designed to simplify appointment booking for Retail and Commercial Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance Carriers, and Wealth Management firms.

With its intuitive interface, customers can effortlessly schedule appointments in person, over the phone, or through virtual meetings, eliminating manual scheduling hassles and reducing administrative burdens. This seamless process saves valuable time for both customers and staff, ensuring a streamlined experience. Contact center agents and enterprise users benefit from automated scheduling, real-time availability updates, and integrated calendar management. For banks and credit unions, LinkLive Appointment Scheduling optimizes operational efficiency, enhances customer satisfaction, and allows personalized attention with dedicated time slots. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and exceptional service quality that LinkLive brings to the appointment scheduling process.

How do Agents and Customer access Appointment Scheduling?
Agents an Enterprise Users access appointments in or LinkLive Mobile. Customers schedule appointments on the bank’s website or digital banking solution. There is no SSO or data payload integration with the current version of the solution. Therefore, it is commonly available as a link. For example, link to a branch calendar from the client’s locations section of the public site.
Do you have any FI’s using the campaign management feature today? 
Yes. Please contact your CSI Relationship 
Manager to learn more about the Campaign Manager feature. 
How are organizations staff to support chat and desktop share? What departments are typically supporting it? 

Traditional stakeholders of LinkLive would be Call Center teams, Digital engagement focus roles, and IT within an institution. Call center teams largely take the call and digital sessions related to service & and support, with sales-oriented roles using more of the video and appointment volume.  

When staffing for LinkLive it is important to consider volume. Chats largely depend on on-site visits to public websites and online/mobile banking apps. On average, websites that receive less than 7K visits and sign-ons per month can count on nearly 450 chats per month while 25K visits may translate to 1,200 chats per month. We have found that fully trained agents on average can handle three to five digital sessions at a time, on average.